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Our Projects So Far

From farm Installation to Skill Development, take a look at our different projects implemented by Aatif Aquaponics

Bububu Farm, Zanzibar

The pioneering commercial hydroponics farm in Tanzania. We started of with NFT system, tried different systems along the way including vertical system, dutch bucket system, Deep Water Culture. The current standing system is an aquaponics dwc farm.

Kitunda Farm, Dar es Salaam.

Second Project after Bububu Farm. Installed for our partners Greenfish Investments at Kitunda in Dar, The first DWC farm in Tanzania and the shepherd farm for our clients in the mainland Tanzania.

Kinyamwezi Farm, Dar es Salaam

The largest hydroponics farm in Dar es Salaam. Previously the largest in Tanzania, before the Kijundu Farm was constructed. Installed for 4 different women and youths group under the supervision of Ilala Municap Council. This project has provided more than 20 jobs to youth and 200 members of the groups earning income from the farm.

Kijundu Farm, Zanzibar

The largest hydroponics farm in Tanzania. The farm has 1000 square meter of production area, which can grow 6000 fruiting plant at one time using a dutch-bucket system, employing over 9 youths looking after the farm 24/7. state-of-the-art farm for maximum production, using only 5% of water normally used in irrigation farming.

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